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 Gloria Dei! trip to Slovakia

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2011 Trip

"Wow, what a visit! In early July 2011, TWENTY TWO members of our church visited our sister congregation in Krajne, Slovakia. On Friday night, they hosted us with their traditional mini folk festival which is always a 'great time had by all'. We sang and danced our hearts out and our legs ahoppin. One of the surprise parts of that event included their dance group leader, Ladis Remias, who happens to be John Remias's young cousin. Ladis is a great folk dancer and a truly wonderful young man, who happens to speak good English. "Amazing Grace", with a solo verse by Ron Baronti, was a big hit with the Slovak folks, as we were asked to sing it over and over again in many different venues. Our group had also learned a Slovak song (Tancuj, Tancuj) which was deeply appreciated by them and one that they also sang with us with gusto. Visits to four satellite worship locations, a visit to an inspiring Autism Center (one of a kind in Slovakia), presenting our Gloria Dei! baptism banner (with the words in Slovak) to them, a visit to John's family home, and much more singing and SHARING throughout our stay were certainly highlights. It is truly a pleasure to share our lives and faith with these wonderful people and to also share our mutual gifts of love and grace."

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Advent 2005 Message from

Our sister congregation in Krajne, Slovaki

"Dear Remiases. We thank you so very much for sending us the Pen Pal letters. Already some of our children have taken the letters and we will send our answers all together to Gloria Dei!. During this advent season, we wish you all quiet times, peace, and happiness as we wait for the Lord. We send all the congregation our best regards and may the Peace of the Lord be with you."

(This is a translation of the note from our Slovak sister congregation. It comes from the Pastor's wife there - her name is Zlata Novomestska.  John Remias)

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Christmas 2004 Message from

Our sister congregation in Krajne, Slovaki

Dear brothers and sisters in our Lord, Jesus Christ,

Let God’s mercy and love fill your hearts. There are big thanks in our hearts to our Lord for letting us know such people – brothers – like you. Each Sunday, when we pray, we recall that you, as well, cherish others and we together ask God for help for mercy with all the sinners of the whole world. Our youth remember that beautiful day (this past year) with Pastor Tom, when they together enjoyed life through sport. We also thought about you on the celebration day – 220 years of our church’s existence. I have sent an e-mail message but haven’t gotten an answer, so we have worried what happened with you.

On December 12th, we will have youth services when we want to focus on praying for all Christians, on the blessings of Christmas, and on God’s peace in families and nations. We will pray for your congregation and for all of you who work so hard in His vineyard.

We sincerely thank you for your letter because it makes us so happy and feel supported in our work. We sometimes think that our faith and our church are already weak and therefore it makes us happy that you see fruits of faith in our work, too. We, on the other hand, admire your generosity and willingness to help others even though it is not uncomplicated and easy for you. It serves us as an example of Christian love. My husband designed a brochure of our congregation’s history and the illustrations were done by brother Pavelka – an artist. When you have the patience, you can read it.

Greetings from everybody in our congregation. See you and may the Lord be with you.
Zlatica Novomestska (pastor’s wife in Krajne, Slovakia)

(The original letter and the brochure are posted on the bulletin board in the downstairs Narthex.)

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Slovakia Church / Chapel

     On Sunday, June 15, 2003, John and Pat Remias will be visiting our sister congregation church in Krajne, Slovakia. As some of you may have heard, the church there is planning to build a worship chapel in one of the outlying areas of the congregation's service area. The Krajne church's Pastor Ivan Novomestsky spends his Saturdays conducting worship services at several locations for members of the congregation that cannot get to Sunday services in the village because of a lack of transportation and other difficulties in getting there. Contributions to help with the building of this chapel would be much appreciated and will help these good people continue the ongoing rebuilding of that congregation. Checks should be made out to Gloria Dei! with "Slovakia church chapel" written in the memo line.

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Letter from Pastor Novomestsky – Slovakia (Krajne) church – May 2003

Dear Brother Pastor Tom Williamsen, your family, and congregation of Gloria Dei!

Thank you very much for your recent letter that made us very happy. Thank you for praying for us and for the whole of our congregation. I pray for you too, so that our Father blesses the life and work of your congregation. It is really nice to hear how you try to help people in Central America through your mission work there.

We are still thankful for your financial help and for your visits, especially when the young people could meet and spend blessed time with us in the summer of 2001. Since then some sad events have happened in the world that have had a strong influence on people’s thinking in the whole world. That is why we need to pray and trust in God in everything even more.

In our congregation, the youth works well. Their numbers at the meetings are increasing, they participate in church services, in visiting sick people in the hospital, etc. The youngest children have meetings in Krajne and in two other communities called Zadovica and Korytnianske Kopanice.

We have gotten a new car to use for church purposes. We have regular meetings during biblical hours, where we pray for young families that are missing our meetings and where there are little children that need to live with Jesus Christ. In those children is this region’s hope for the future, because older people are marked with the socialism era too much.

I am very thankful for the praying co-workers that sacrifice a lot of time for our congregation’s activities, for working with the smaller children, with the youth, and for the publication of our newsletter “Nadej” (which means ‘hope’). With God’s help our community lives and along with our pain we have moments of joy.

Again, we send regards to all your family, your congregation, and we look forward very much to the visit of Brother Remias and his family in June.

With wishes of hope and joy in Jesus Christ,

Ivan Novomestsky and family

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Letter from Mr. Vlado Maly
President and Church Administrator
Slovakia (Krajne) church May 2003

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus our Lord!

In this time of Lent in which we are living, we more than usually thank about the amount of God’s blessings that we have gotten and which also reminds us of the brother’s love you have given us.

Because of the violence and anger that reign in the world, we have to call for God our Lord even more because only He can change all of it. The time of Lent and seducing of Jesus in the desert is a great warning for us so that we avoid evil and follow God. That’s why we want to spend more time taking care of young families. It’s very hard to teach children about God when their parents don’t help them. We pray for these families so that they also understand the work of salvation that is offered in Jesus Christ. I’m bothered very much that we communicate so little among ourselves. I hoped that the youth speaking English would be more active in this matter. But, we can’t force them because they have a lot of obligations (homework) at school. We still don’t have enough active people that can help with the smaller children, with the youth, or with their parents. Be we do give thanks to God for those who are working hard and often get overloaded.

Indeed, we don’t want to only complain. We have had also many very nice events in our congregation, which was evident in the greater number of children and young people in attendance. Even if I don’t know about the problems you are dealing with now, I pray for you so that you stay on the road to God’s kingdom with persistence and we can all meet there sometime.

Wishing you an abundance of God’s blessings,
Vlado Maly and family

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