Choirs and Other Musical Activities

photo of Debbie Greene

Debbie Greene
Music Director

Gloria Dei! Lutheran Church has a variety of musical opportunities. These include the Chancel Choir, Hand Bells, Sunday School Choir, WESUS (WhoEver Shows Up Sings) and the Youth Choir. We invite you to join any of the choirs or to be a part of the congregation when these musical groups are participating in the worship service.

Bell Ensemble

The Bell Ensemble has been an integral part of the music program at Gloria Dei! for over ten years. The ensemble began playing chimes, but has evolved to play two, and now three, octaves of bells. The Bell Ensemble plays at the 8:45 am service on the first Sunday of each month and also performs at special events. Most recently the group performed as “Bells Angels” for 2014 Gloria Dei! Coffee House.

Bell Ensemble Director: Debbie Greene

Bells ensemble 2013

Bell Ensemble

Bells Angels 2013

2014 & 2015 Gloria Dei coffeehouse

Chancel Choir

Why not consider sharing your voice and talents while serving Gloria Dei!? Chancel Choir rehearsals are from 7:00 to 8:30 PM on Thursdays in the Sanctuary. This is a great time to come be a part of something special. The plan is to have fun while together exploring a variety of musical styles from traditional to contemporary.

Chancel Choir 2013

Chancel Choir

Sunday School Choir

Our Sunday School choir, consisting of all our youth, Pre K- 4th grade will continue to practice during the Sunday school opening program with Debbie Greene. We sing the 1st Sunday of the month at the beginning of the service. After Sunday school, on the first Sunday of the month, singers meet in the music room for a quick rehearsal and then are walked to the sanctuary to sing. After singing they return to their families to participate in worship services.

Sunday School Choir Director: Debbie Greene

WESUS (Whoever Shows Up Sings)

If You Can Talk, You Can Sing- People have sung for centuries as families, at work, at sea, in sewing circles and…in church. Traditionally humans knew that if you can talk, you can sing. Because there are so many harmonies, the chance of singing a note that blends into the song is better than 50-50. So why not take a chance and sing with WESUS?

WESUS provides music for the 8:45 a.m. service on the third Sunday of the month. We play a variety of acoustic (mostly) music such as contemporary folk, traditional hymns, gospel and world music. We try to select songs that are in a range that most people can sing. New members are welcome so if you like to sing or play the guitar, flute, base, percussion or other instruments come join us. We have a great deal of fun making music. We practice in the music room on Tuesday nights from 7:30 until 8:30 PM. It is not necessary to be able to read music (many of us do not) although we do provide sheet music to those that would like it. We generally just start playing or singing a song and people learn the melody or find a harmony. It is just like singing with the radio.

WESUS Directors: Kathy Hays & Bill Leahy

WESUS 2013

WhoEver Shows Up Sings (WESUS)

Youth Choir

Anyone in grades 5-12 is eligible to participate. We sing the 2nd Sunday of the month at the 8:45 service. No music experience is needed, just a desire to have fun and "make a joyful noise". If you don't have a choir shirt, one will be ordered for you after the first practice. If you can't make the practice, have questions or need more information, contact Debbie Greene, music.gloriadeilutheranchurch@

Youth Choir Director: Debbie Greene