Gloria Dei! History

     Gloria Dei is Latin for the Glory of God. It is a fitting name for a church. We are here to proclaim God's glory. In the second century the great theologian, Irenaeus, wrote that "The glory of God is a human fully alive." The best way for us to proclaim God's glory is by being the Glory of God.

     Our logo helps explain how we do that. On the logo you will find four separate items: a palm branch, a crown of thorns, and the words Lordship and Servanthood. Palm branches were laid in the path of Jesus as He rode into Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday. This was a kind of first century red carpet. This, in the logo, signifies Christ's Lordship, His authority of function, not status. His scepter was a cross and His crown was made of thorns. church logo

Jesus had declared, "You know that the rulers of the gentiles lord it over them and great men exercise authority over them. It shall not be so with you. Whoever would be great among you must be your servant...even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve." (Matthew 20:25-28)   So it is with the church. So it is with individual Christians. We best proclaim the Glory of God by serving God and each other. That is the basis upon which Gloria Dei! was founded and the call to which we aspire.

first sanctuary      In October 1982, 450 people were received into The Lutheran Church in America. We had been worshipping together since November 1981 when we had our first worship service at Anne Arundel Community College. We barely knew each other. But with enthusiasm, faith and trepidation we took the first step to becoming the people of God on the Broadneck Peninsula. We were given our commission to preach the Gospel, share the sacraments, care for those in need, and build a congregation of faithful and committed people. It is now twenty years later. We are a little older, hopefully wiser, and with almost 1400 members. Yet the commission remains the same.

     And how we have been blessed. God has blessed us with visionary leaders who continually ask the question, "How can we be more faithful and effective in our ministry?"

past presidents

We have been blessed with staff and clergy who are competent and give unselfishly of themselves. We now have a building that is fast becoming a center of Peninsula life. Community groups, scouts, twelve step programs, musicians, other congregations, and others utilize our facility constantly. Our building is not a shrine to be admired but a tool for God to use for the good of God's people. We have been instrumental in starting a community food pantry, Chores and More, a counseling center, programs for youth and outreach to Slovakia and El Salvador. How we have been blessed with faithful leaders!

     Recently our pastoral staff has been gloriously enhanced by the presence of Pastor Ana Langerak and Pastor Connie Miller. Each of these committed, energetic women has transformed worship at Gloria Dei! Pastor Ana brings to us her vast experience in the area of salvation theology; Pastor Connie's stories of personal triumphs and inner strength energize and inspire us. Pastors Connie and Ana

There are still, however, great challenges before us. There are still many who do not intimately know the love God has for them. There are still many who have not been able to claim their Belovedness. How do we reach them? How can we share the Gospel with those who have not heard it? How can we offer worship that will both stimulate the mind and touch the heart? One of the great challenges is not just to be successful stewards of God's message of salvation but to be successful without losing our spiritual center or our soul.

May God bless our next twenty years together and let us renew our vow to keep our commission to make disciples.

May God go with us - and may we go with God.