How to Donate

Use Paypal or Credit Card

You can make a donation for the General Offering or designated funds (i.e., Anniversary Fund, El Salvador Support, Neighbors in Need, Madagascar) by clicking the appropriate donate button below. Clicking one of the button will take you to the Paypal website, where you can donate to Gloria Dei! via your Paypal account or credit card

General Offering Donation

Donations that are used to pay general church expenses or provide assistance where it is most needed.

Winter Relief

Donations to support Winter Relief.

Neighbors in Need Fund

The Neighbors in Need fund is an ongoing ministry to serve families and individuals living in our broader community who have been brought to our attention because there is a critical need for financial assistance.

Anniversary Fund

The Anniversary Fund provides a source of funds for building repair and maintenance and other purposes.

El Salvador Support Fund

The El Salvador Support fund provides funds required to maintain our sister congregation relationship with the church in El Salvador.

Madagascar Fund

The Madagascar Fund provides funds required to maintain our sister congregation relationship with the church in Madagascar.

Electronic Funds Transfer

e.serviceĀ® Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) via Simply Giving provides a secure payment from your checking or savings account to Gloria Dei! No hassle, no weekly check writing….a great way to give your offerings! Pick up a Simply Giving form on the round table in the narthex and return the completed form along with a blank check to Cathy Hatch in the church office.

Download the Simply Giving Form

Graul’s Receipts

We receive cash back from your purchases at the Cape St Clair Graul's. Please put stamped Graul’s receipts in the box in the narthex.  

Stock Donations

Potential tax advantages for making a gift of stock to Gloria Dei! Lutheran Church are:

  • You receive an immediate tax deduction for the value of the donated stock at the time you donate it.
  • You avoid paying huge capital gains taxes on stock that has appreciated significantly in value since you purchased it.

If you are interested in donating stock to Gloria Dei!, please contact Cathy Hatch, Parish Administrator. She will provide you with account information needed for the donation.

The rules governing these donations and applicable tax benefits can be complex, so please consult with your accountant or financial adviser for further guidance.

Gloria Dei!’s policy is to sell stock as soon as it is received and transfer the sale proceeds to a savings account for future needs.

Thrivent Choice

Thrivent Choice lets you recommend where some of Thrivent Financial's charitable outreach funds go by directing Choice Dollars SM  and by participating in Voting Events. Information on this program is available here: Thrivent Choice Information

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