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Gloria Dei! is a spiritual refuge in a broken world. As Jesus cherished those he met and gave himself for us, so we as a congregation seek to help others know that they are cherished brothers and sisters of Jesus and beloved children of God the Father. Our many ministry activities focus on developing, nurturing, and encouraging others toward an intimate relationship with a loving God. We, the staff and congregation, welcome and invite you into our community through worship, music, youth activities and more.

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8:45 AM Worship Service
10:00 AM Worship Service (Summer schedule through August 31, 2014)

Special Mission Initiatives

Gloria Dei! has several mission projects. Some include working with sister churches in El Salvador, Madagascar and Slovakia, supporting Lutheran World Relief, providing food and service to My Brother's Pantry and the Lighthouse Shelter and the LWR Equal Exchange Coffee Project. Mission Initiatives

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Pastor’s Note

Sisters and brothers in Christ, grace to you and peace from God our Father in heaven and from our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.

Lord Jesus you shall be my song as I journey…

These words, from the hymn of that same title (#808 in the hymnal), capture so beautifully one of the ways it is that music and faith can be intertwined and experienced.

At a recent Church Council meeting, the question was posed: What are the songs you like to sing in worship? “Amazing Grace” was pretty popular as was “How Great Thou Art”, “Sanctuary Song”, “Borning Cry”. For some, music is a deeply powerful and profound means of expressing their faith. For others, not so much! At Gloria Dei!, there clearly are many for whom music is indeed a great gift evidenced in all those who offer their musical talents “up front” and in all those who sing out from the pew. Thanks be to God!

During the month of August, everyone has the opportunity in a very intentional way to share their favorite hymns and songs. Look for the “music box” in the narthex into which all are invited to place your list of those hymns and songs that you especially appreciate singing in worship. Open the hymnal to the index in the back (pg. 1205) and read through the list. Take a hymnal home with you if you like and bring it back when you return! What songs are not in the hymnal that you wish we would sing?

Indeed, knowing this will be very helpful to all those who plan worship now and into the future. And perhaps participating in this endeavor will be for you a helpful summer moment of being still and listening to the songs of faith that are sung in your heart.

Let every instrument be tuned for praise; let all rejoice who have a voice to raise; and may God give us faith to sing always:
Alleluia! “When in Our Music God Is Glorified” #851

Pastor Shawn

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We, Gloria Dei! Lutheran Church, have been called together by GOD through the HOLY SPIRIT. We confess JESUS CHRIST as LORD. In the name of HIM who came as servant of all…

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